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Getting involved with is a great way to build your CV, demonstrate your commitment to the study of law, and contribute to legal publications. If you're interested in any of the positions below email us and we'll take you through the details. 


We offer a limited number of LLB, GDL, SQE, CiLEX Level 6, LPC and BPTC students positions as volunteer editors for They receive free law mind maps for their course over the academic year. Each volunteer simply needs to work with the mind maps through-out their course and contact us with improvements and updates to the mind maps as they go. Becoming a volunteer editor is a great addition to your CV as well as a way to help you learn what you need for law exams. We also credit all editors on our  contributors' page so you can show future employers. Send us your CV, ensuring you tell us what course you are currently studying, and we'll send you more details. 


Contributors have less of a commitment to editors, and simply suggest updates and improvements to the mind maps they have purchased as they work with them. 

Future employers are impressed when they see on a CV that the job applicant has contributed to a legal publication. That's why we welcome quality updates and amendments to our mind maps from students and list their names on the contributors' page. 

Please view our Terms and Conditions, in particular the section "Contributors to the Website". 

We accept contributions via our Facebook page, via Twitter and via email to



If you've had a good experience of LawMindMaps, you can get a free LawMindMap of your choice by submitting a review on Google, Facebook,TrustPilot or LawMindMaps' website. Just write your review, and when it's published, email a link to it on with a request for a specific LawMindMap from our website and your address. Once we verify your review, we'll send it on to you. Here are some examples of what people have previously submitted.
This offer IS open to people who have previously submitted a review, so even if you've submitted a review before now, feel free to send the same info above to us, and we'll send you a free LawMindMap in the post.