Definition of Land and The Creation of Property Rights and Interests

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This mind map covers the key issues in the topic, including:

  • What constitutes land? 
  • What constitutes a property right?
  • Land ownership
  • People with an interest in the land
  • Rights being claimed
  • The establishment of rights
  • Legal rights under the Law Of Property Act 1925
  • Land Registration Act 2002
  • Concept of the trust
  • How equity prevails over common law
  • Freehold
  • Leasehold
  • Statutory rights
  • Equitable rights outside of s1 LPA 1925
  • Creation of legal and equitable property rights and interests
  • Registration of estates and interests
  • Rationale behind the Law of Property Act
  • Personal property rights
  • Trusts Of Land And Implied Trusts Of Land
  • Rationale behind the Land Registration Act 2002
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