About us

About us provides mind map study aids for students taking law degrees (LLB), the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), Solicitors' Qualifying Exam (SQE), CiLEX Level 6, the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). 

The service is run by graduates and students of UK law  courses who have created mind maps for themselves to share with other law students.

The editors and contributors to have all studied at top 10 UK universities and have come from diverse backgrounds but used mind mapping to guide them through law exams and course work.

The creators of  the mind maps available via this website all achieved top level grades in the subjects we mind mapped which proved the success of mind mapping and made us decide to create a product to benefit other students. We are based in England but provide mind maps to students nationally and increasingly internationally. We operate through our main website but also communicate with students through Twitter and Facebook.

How do our Mind Maps work? 
The mind maps focus on core LLB, GDL, SQE CiLEX Level 6, LPC and BPTC. The mind maps are intended as a time-saving tool. Students are inundated with study material. Vast amounts of information law students are required to learn for these courses have been sourced from both academic and practitioner texts and distilled into succinct, colourful mind maps which can be purchased via this website. The mind maps are intended to help students to visualize how concepts are related, and how the law has developed over time. Short phrases, colour coding and formatting are essential ways in which we believe students are able to retain more information.

The mind maps are presented in colour on A1 size printed sheets. 

Our editors and contributors peer review each others' work, and work to frequently update the mind maps to reflect changes in the law. The mind maps are custom printed for each order. 

We understand that educational resources for law studies can be expensive, so we have offered a variety of ways for students to purchase the mind maps: students can purchase all of the mind maps for their course in one transaction, can buy mind maps for one module topic, or purchase individual mind maps. 

Also, we're receiving page likes on our Facebook page from other happy law students who have used our mind maps.


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