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With exam season fast approaching, we're on the road explaining the benefits of mind maps to law societies around England and Wales. is a project created by former law students who tried to find the best way to memorize the intricate details of law. We found mind maps incredibly helpful and now communicate the benefits to other students.
The event covers:
 - an interactive assessment of study methods
 - the theory behind mind mapping
 - why mind maps work
 - the benefits of using mind maps through-out law courses - for lectures, tutorials, coursework, essays and exams
 - how to use mind maps
 - options for working with mind maps
Is this something you your Law Society would be interested in?
If you'd like to organise a session with us get your law society to email us at: or let us know who's best to talk to at your university and we'll contact them
Other law societies have said...

Review of Mind Mapping Law School event at Brunel Law Society:

On the 18th of December, I attended a talk with They came to Brunel University to share this amazing Product/service with us; Showing us how to mind map your way through your LLB,GDL etc.  It was sad for many people not to have turned up but don’t worry, Here’s all that you missed: