Right to cancel

As per the Terms and Conditions: 

4. Cancellation of Orders

4.1 Orders may be cancelled by The Provider for any reason or no reason at all.  In such a case, the User will be notified and a refund will be provided, subject to any partial order and/or delivery fulfilled.

4.2 If The Provider is unable to fulfil an order by producing a specific item, Content or good ordered by a User, the User will be notified and a replacement item, Content or good of equal or lesser value may be selected by the User for despatch. The usual delivery charges will apply. All replacements must be ordered within 6 months of notification.  

4.3 Before cancelling any order you are requested to email The Provider at help@lawmindmaps.com with your telephone number so The Provider can help with any concerns you may have, although this is not obligatory. 

4.4  You have 14 days from receiving physical possession of an order to cancel that order. You will meet the deadline if you send a clear statement cancelling the contract before the cancellation period has expired.  

4.5 To cancel an order you must inform us of your decision to cancel the contract you entered into by using a clear statement - preferably by email to help@lawmindmaps.com. It is not obligatory, but you may use the cancellation form at www.lawmindmaps.com/orderdetails/form.doc 

5. Rectifications and Returns

5.1 Should you believe there is an error with the fulfillment of your order, you must notify The Provider at help@lawmindmaps.com within 14 days from receiving delivery of the order.  The Provider will respond accordingly, on a case-by-case basis. 

5.2  Despatch of any replacements will exclude the Courier delivery option.  

5.3  No updates or replacements are supplied after correct despatch of an order.

5.4 Users that cancel an order must ensure any and all goods provided by The Provider are delivered to LawMindMaps.com, 4a Mattison Road, London, N4 1BD within 14 days of cancelling that order. 

5.5 Users that cancel an order must pay the full cost of returning the order as well as the delivery service provided to them. No refunds are given for supplying any of the delivery services stated in item 3 in accordance with the User's order. If a User's order of goods qualifies for free delivery, a charge of £5.00 to cover the costs of the delivery service provided to them will be deducted from any successful claim for a refund. 

5.6 Where a refund for goods is available it will be limited by the amount the goods have been handled by a User unnecessarily. 

5.7 Unnecessary handling includes but is not limited to copying of any goods or any part of goods provided to you. Further, any such copying shall be pursued as a breach of intellectual property rights. 

5.8 Where a refund for despatch and delivery is available, it will be limited to the amount charged for Standard Postage of the order to you.

5.9 Any refunds due to you will be provided 14 days after you have completed all steps necessary to obtain a refund.  

5.10 Any refunds due shall be made via PayPal to the same account that placed the order with The Provider.