Mind Maps Proved To Work

Numerous studies have proved that mind maps are a very effective and efficient method of studying.

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One study at Johns Hopkins University found that pre-made mind maps - like the ones LawMindMaps offers - "...enhanced simulation learning significantly, positively impacted the learning experience, and produced a 12% increase in test scores." So mind maps help students to learn, make learning more enjoyable and improve exam grades. A 12% increase could be the difference between a 2:1/Merit/VC and a 1st/Distinction/Outstanding. Pre-made mind maps save you tonnes of time too.
Law school and medicine are thought to be some of the hardest subjects to study, and exams in both require a good memory. A group of academics found that medical students remembered more for longer when using mind maps: "the mind map group recalled signi´Čücantly more correct items than the self-selected [non-mind map] study group, showing a clear study advantage when the mind map was used, which was robust over a 1-week time delay". Those students who embraced studying via mind maps would do even better, according to the researchers. 
A study from Potsdam University "...found that the mind mapping technique had an impact on the ability to recall. This improvement was robust after some weeks. As a result of our studies the students...said [the use of mind maps] was both more pleasure [sic] and motivation to learn at school." The research shows that the use of colours and patterns is key to effective mind maps, and that they really work for even the students facing the toughest challenges.
Mind maps were also found to enable "...students to more easily understand the content, perceive relations between contents, and memorize the overall concept..." of their research subject, according to a 2015 study published in the International Journal of Information and Education Technology.
And a Surrey Uni study "...found mind-mapping to be a useful tool for sharing ideas and documents, representing combined stakeholder knowledge in an easily accessible format, and organising and planning literature reviews." The amount of cases relied on in the common law system of England and Wales is a massive combination of stakeholder knowledge, so mind maps could should help law students to navigate their way through it.