Did You #Fail an Exam?

Did you #Fail a law exam?

Nearly half of lawyers and law students admit to failing a law exam according to our anonymous poll on Twitter. 

Even more shocking, some people actually still use #Fail in their social media posts. That's soooo 2010!

We've never heard of anyone using LawMindmaps to have failed a law exam. In fact, students come back to our mind maps for each year of their course because they really work for them. One reviewer of our Contract Law Mind Maps for LLB, GDL and CiLEX Level 6  who didn't initially use LawMindMaps when preparing for their exam said, "Second attempt at UoL LLB Contracts. Points at 1st attempt was 33. Exam results not yet in but I estimate 48-50 points. I attribute 8 points to use of LawMindMaps." So that's around 16% of the marks this student achieved in their re-take that they directly attribute to use of LawMindMaps. We know that scientifically mind maps work, and researchers have seen an increase of 12% in grades, but we're extremely pleased to hear empirical evidence of a 16% improvement in scores. 

Of course, it really sucks to fail an exam, but those that do should take heart that 44% of lawyers and law students admit to being in the same boat. It's law, after all. It's known to be one of the hardest degrees and careers. Many people fail to pass law exams first time.

Luckily there are re-sits - but they can definitely ruin a summer. However, anyone who has failed an exam - it could be you or a friend - really needs to ask themselves why they failed. There may be external factors, of course, but perhaps there was something wrong with their study technique, and maybe they need to try a different tactic. Anyone that failed a law exam may want to try Please recommend us to others that may need some help.